Bitcoin Cash (Main net) Block Details
Bitcoin Cash
Block #595763
Block information and transactions
Block Height 595763
Number of Transactions 509
Block Confirmations 5235 confirmations
Block Difficulty 307,698,361,195.07
Block Rewards 12.5 BCH
Received Time 2019-08-14 15:31:14 UTC
Transaction Fees 0.00400279 BCH ($1.28)
Block Hash 000000000000000000cb00b43a1603aeb86aae3c4b87a3c68e0e2b92257c1ab5
Next Block 000000000000000000a0130607215e69227db1c1e4c2e8f4d6588a8f5738d5a0
Previous Block 000000000000000002e28a4d4ef0e127a7848f238b7e2b9411cacf0951cd60e2
Merkle Root b425f592ec593ec8bbd80b95982464110786a2cd0fa4c9ec55eaeb9f2496d429
Block Reward
12.50400279 BCH$ 3,995.12
5235 Confirmations
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