Bitcoin Cash (Main net) Block Details
Bitcoin Cash
Block #595760
Block information and transactions
Block Height 595760
Number of Transactions 463
Block Confirmations 5002 confirmations
Block Difficulty 308,611,627,790.53
Block Rewards 12.5 BCH
Received Time 2019-08-14 15:07:18 UTC
Transaction Fees 0.0032712 BCH ($1.06)
Block Hash 000000000000000002be9d7dda97848ebc39dbc932711f04806b068643bd0a37
Next Block 000000000000000001a2ca3567f22383fc400507c841ec63649f35a9d5c56508
Previous Block 00000000000000000182cb08e8ba638858c8988a60114fa0d6cb7aebf101a551
Merkle Root e6aebd2fdfce4f7cf30a5afadecc7d3805d16edd666384301b22741e61c501f3
Block Reward
12.5032712 BCH$ 4,053.58
5002 Confirmations
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