Bitcoin Cash (Test net) Block Details
Bitcoin Cash
Block #1322029
Block information and transactions
Block Height 1322029
Number of Transactions 560
Block Confirmations 7067 confirmations
Block Difficulty 5,122,793.16
Block Rewards 0.78125 BCH
Received Time 2019-08-14 14:09:24 UTC
Transaction Fees 0.02016684 BCH
Block Hash 000000000000024eafe604de3e5bd890e28db55cc5a4305eaeac7561d4661a16
Next Block 000000000000016f1844477191b1baddbd21e7449869c3a233be342d32e1a712
Previous Block 000000000000023c0147a7e62b0480175f00ad9583b8f470a3fc0b975baf10fd
Merkle Root 0da633e12d5db1b0b7af564ae756fad39f8ee6572218b593518c755fafbec275
Block Reward
0.80141684 BCH
7067 Confirmations
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