Bitcoin Cash (Testnet) Block Details
Bitcoin Cash
Block #1314217
Block information and transactions
Block Height 1314217
Number of Transactions 11
Block Confirmations 22324 confirmations
Block Difficulty 1.00
Block Rewards 0.78125 BCH
Received Time 2019-07-12 18:53:12 UTC
Transaction Fees 0.00058696 BCH
Block Hash 00000000dcbaa755b86e7d8f8a367a4ca15366f3b5f41db073fa9f6d334dc2b4
Next Block 000000008bacf45d2472547eb9ea37548a80c94fc5efe3fca01a3c64aa764518
Previous Block 0000000092ff84d64881db13b05bf7ed720003225f49c63972d59eeb34a85af0
Merkle Root 0db854426dab3eb2152295d9fc7b22e30fad080f4fc91a64aa381d5b77a8bd02
Block Reward
0.78183696 BCH
22324 Confirmations
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