Bitcoin (Main net) Block Details
Block #562764
Block information and transactions
Block Height 562764
Received Time 2019-02-12 20:03:30
Number of Transactions 2440
Block Confirmations 9710 confirmations
Block Difficulty 6061518831027.271
Block Rewards 12.5 BTC
Transaction Fees 0.21813108 BTC ($1,171.12)
Block Hash 0000000000000000000a95d7bacb10859622435bd3b3536181ffd2270d80ca4d
Next Block 000000000000000000231e994390d405bf6e4f1b66f34d228f8aca651069ee70
Previous Block 000000000000000000057360c56ed2ff62a6893d7fbfe8d1d2a5c7d54c7353ce
Merkle Root fe656cf3bb1f291c91e86ea1b01e19332c56eefd7005ff6dbb9c2b16cc8c6c72
Block Reward
12.71813108 BTC$ 68,282.37
9710 Confirmations
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