Bitcoin (Mainnet) Block Details
Block #585095
Block information and transactions
Block Height 585095
Received Time 2019-07-12 15:40:20 UTC
Number of Transactions 2893
Block Confirmations 15583 confirmations
Block Difficulty 9064159826491.41
Block Rewards 12.5 BTC
Transaction Fees 0.40964301 BTC ($3,066.12)
Block Hash 00000000000000000014861bf6cee72b4544232180bcb7511c7d8135aedcab29
Next Block 000000000000000000054208207f11c66ff659b9046b2dd920b961855eb3b242
Previous Block 00000000000000000011b58c01ede5a602eec61ebaf097aaa6e682ef2819536e
Merkle Root 5a315407cf8beb9b61d549f61de565bc1b5bc1337e135bfda8d03e2665b591c4
Block Reward
12.90964301 BTC$ 96,626.71
15583 Confirmations
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