Bitcoin (Test net) Block Details
Block #1574509
Block information and transactions
Block Height 1574509
Received Time 2019-08-14 15:21:11 UTC
Number of Transactions 1
Block Confirmations 4506 confirmations
Block Difficulty 8535324.146347143
Block Rewards 0.390625 BTC
Transaction Fees 0 BTC
Block Hash 0000000000000037a2ca0a43e811570ed108354c9aaa78a1d0f90ed4d4a1aba1
Next Block 000000000000008b5ad60c9290af6b2ed93085673eff33677c46bfa902c5ee07
Previous Block 0000000000000109be46cdb0ea94a05b451e1df8166bb118aa1ce74a8277e7d0
Merkle Root 50bed3e702f20882df629574d42f862b692fc6674f5814893c5a906bdb3a3220
Block Reward
0.390625 BTC
4506 Confirmations
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