Bitcoin (Test net) Block Details
Block #1574507
Block information and transactions
Block Height 1574507
Received Time 2019-08-14 15:11:35 UTC
Number of Transactions 1
Block Confirmations 4320 confirmations
Block Difficulty 8535324.146347143
Block Rewards 0.390625 BTC
Transaction Fees 0 BTC
Block Hash 00000000000001acbb65f7cd49955ba7fa42df35e376d3175d208052018e48be
Next Block 0000000000000109be46cdb0ea94a05b451e1df8166bb118aa1ce74a8277e7d0
Previous Block 0000000000000080540bf98bac9f023b6dc4242dd61b4cafc4ba749d7fa171be
Merkle Root 278f97633ceddbad27a86390c9334afe10105696a86de83f14da5baa68bbe023
Block Reward
0.390625 BTC
4320 Confirmations
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