Litecoin (Main net) Block Details
Block #1632962
Block information and transactions
Block Height 1632962
Number of Transactions 91
Block Confirmations 71709 confirmations
Block Difficulty 12,235,778.84
Block Rewards 25 LTC
Received Time 2019-05-16 15:27:30 UTC
Transaction Fees 0.0980636 LTC ($7.61)
Block Hash 0bce577a312942401ee081199f8c612528344c47cd5064120e5385c6b6ab63b8
Next Hash 9250da60746a5ebec001dbb8df0dc1d54ff21115d44dcdaf44d519b1a1534d3e
Previous Hash 2acf4a1cc457c15590e679af28daef2ed36e44d72c78eeb7190913e84f10778e
Merkle Root ac4d15a4c049c847610750d8d0fcbfa162f954433d41f35bf3a5bd4748f92c05
Block Reward
25.0980636 LTC$ 1,947.76
71709 Confirmations
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