Litecoin (Main net) Block Details
Block #1684886
Block information and transactions
Block Height 1684886
Number of Transactions 38
Block Confirmations 20625 confirmations
Block Difficulty 13,444,380.12
Block Rewards 12.5 LTC
Received Time 2019-08-14 13:24:26 UTC
Transaction Fees 0.01288038 LTC ($0.98)
Block Hash 25b14ad5e78e1593ff381560f1d49283433d4d54a8fc7975278e98597afeb787
Next Hash 1434230f58b44ac93cec6236cb6021bfc8a4b2b0cd5328aa96c3df761ba7d565
Previous Hash 0009fbfaba038c8f49a161b0ec6c76a3c6229f8c511b2d12584985f5f122d6e7
Merkle Root 1e45c34f11968228340fda6faf2b585b9fccc24b32d82f9b0b49e5af79a35c08
Block Reward
12.51288038 LTC$ 947.75
20625 Confirmations
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