Litecoin (Main net) Block Details
Block #1648951
Block information and transactions
Block Height 1648951
Number of Transactions 1
Block Confirmations 57848 confirmations
Block Difficulty 13,575,183.66
Block Rewards 25 LTC
Received Time 2019-06-13 03:19:11 UTC
Transaction Fees 0 LTC ($0.00)
Block Hash e2701735b97da3052bb209e117b9532d4b5561f5562a78c2a31b73f37ffc639d
Next Hash d64f9ac0b1f4d2b8a26cf6755ff08b204639e81f94f7beddad6eaa248ba2c135
Previous Hash 483a917061cd1067ebfe80f88a7bcee06afae85be0e3b14bdec52cc47ca492ea
Merkle Root 6481a4cf4e4cd5717500256545381b48dae816c17d8f14293d70eaab0b7b1c5e
Block Reward
25 LTC$ 1,805.00
57848 Confirmations
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