Litecoin (Testnet) Block Details
Block #1141576
Block information and transactions
Block Height 1141576
Number of Transactions 7
Block Confirmations 82876 confirmations
Block Difficulty 0.00
Block Rewards 25 LTC
Received Time 2019-07-12 17:27:07 UTC
Transaction Fees 0.0008493 LTC
Block Hash e9ee2da34890791c37e02a2e194b0974b20d75cd45b0ef3ec1e6a3397b069845
Next Hash a7b0e25199ed51e8b53047b77ee6e7e623d28654c65564808279681081ae42ab
Previous Hash 82f8cf38e2a1d6304bdac7b30434b334ee7b45cd13bcf7d0582fe125325682eb
Merkle Root c66aadc831db5704b3a2e3c1b47c1de9d226833789049f6abbf6926db4e184b6
Block Reward
25.0008493 LTC
82876 Confirmations
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