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1 hour ago
Exec urges JPMorgan CEO to ‘do more homework’ on Bitcoin
SkyBridge Capital founder in an interview explains why more investors are flocking towards Bitcoin as a store of value.
2 hours ago
Ethereum: As L2 users rise to 3M, will it impact the network?
There has been an increase in the L2 user base recently, but has there been any impact on Ethereum?
4 hours ago
95% Bitcoin holders are in profit, but you should wait before selling
95% Bitcoin holders are in profit, but they may not sell anytime soon. 
6 hours ago
Overall DeFi TVL just 3% short of 2021 ATH: What’s behind this rise?
DeFi's upward trajectory elevates the prospect of a breach of the November 2021 highs.
8 hours ago
IRS hires former Binance, TaxBit execs to regulate crypto taxation
IRS's strategic hiring from crypto industry raises hopes for clearer regulations.
10 hours ago
Ethereum: Open Interest rises to $8B as ETH holds firmly above $3k
The OI stood at $7.8 billion as prices reclaimed the psychological $3k level.
11 hours ago
Will SHIB follow suit as Shiba Inu volumes surge?
Shiba Inu roars with a 192.84% volume surge, fueling an 8.68% price jump.
13 hours ago
Polkadot: What traders need to know as DOT surges by 6%
Polkadot trading volume surged along with its price in the last 24 hours, and metrics looked optimistic 
14 hours ago
How long can Cardano’s rally sustain itself?
ADA surges 8.13%, riding on Bitcoin's rally.
15 hours ago
Can BNB retest its all-time high in 2024?
After surviving FUD for a long time, the coin seems to be looking forward to more upswing.
16 hours ago
Why XRP’s falling market dominance should matter to you
XRP's previous attempts to breach the $0.57 barrier have been unsuccessful.
17 hours ago
Polygon zkEVM’s new milestone – A boon for MATIC?
Polygon zkEVM’s TVL reached an ATH at a time when MATIC’s price action was turning bullish. 
18 hours ago
XRP prepares for $0.6 breach, but when?
Analysis of the liquidation heatmap showed a key resistance level at $0.595.
19 hours ago
Bitcoin bears feel the heat as BTC looks all set to hit $60k
Bitcoin's surge triggers $285 million in liquidations, reshaping market sentiment.
20 hours ago
Solana-based BONK and WIF up by 17% and 42% – Time to HODL?
AMBCrypto checks if you should consider HODLing two notable Solana meme coins or ditching them.
21 hours ago
Bitcoin: Why a correction around $60K may be good for you
Corrections are inevitable as investors look to profit-take. Here's why it shouldn't deter traders.
22 hours ago
Why Dogecoin might reach an ATH in Q2 2024
Dogecoin’s price exited from a consolidation phase, hinting at a bull rally that might help it reach a new ATH 
1 day ago
How FTX can impact ETH’s future price movements
ETH's rise faces scrutiny as controversial players make moves.
1 day ago
Republican senators say CBDCs ‘will infringe on your freedom’ – Why?
Republican senators rally against CBDCs, opposing its centralized nature. Amidst all this, can Bitcoin emerge as a viable alternative form?
1 day ago
PEPE rallies 85% in three days – What about future predictions?
While PEPE has room for further gains, a sharp retracement in these over-extended market conditions was also possible.
1 day ago
Bitcoin ETFs break ‘all time volume record’ as IBIT dominates
IBIT outshines its competitors, making it Wall Street's favorite Bitcoin ETF.