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1 hour ago
Nvidia Flexes 769% Increase in Net Income, These AI Crypto Tokens Soar
Nvidia's recent financial results reveal a monumental 769% increase in net income, igniting a significant uptick in AI crypto tokens, unders...
2 hours ago
How Shibarium’s declining user count has affected SHIB
Despite a surge, Shibarium, the layer-2 ecosystem of Shiba Inu, couldn't attract new users.
2 hours ago
Former Yuga Labs CEO Retakes Role, Boosting Price Floors of These NFTs
Greg Solano's return to Yuga Labs as CEO heralds a new era for the NFT giant, coinciding with a 13% surge in BAYC's value. This leadership c...
3 hours ago
US Treasury Targets This Russian Ransomware Group in New Sanctions
The US Treasury Department has sanctioned two Russian individuals who were affiliated with a Russian ransomware group. The post US Treasury...
3 hours ago
Legal Clash: Texas Crypto Firm Files Lawsuit Against US SEC Over Digital Asset R...
A Texas-based crypto company, Lejilex, along with the Crypto Freedom Alliance of Texas (CFAT), has filed a lawsuit against the US Securities...
4 hours ago
STRK drops 50% since airdrop: Sell-offs and Sybil attack to blame?
Will Starknet be able to shake off the challenges it faces after the airdrop and subsequent price drop?
5 hours ago
A Leading DeFi Bull Indicator? MetaMask Registers Over 30 Million In 5 Months
MetaMask monthly active users (MAUs) currently stand at over 30 million, a near 2X surge from around 19 million recorded in September 2023. ...
6 hours ago
AI token FET rallies 54% in 7 days thanks to…
Fetch.AI experienced a surge amid the hype following OpenAI's Sora launch.
6 hours ago
Bitcoin Bullish Signal: Inflows To HODLer Wallets Hit ATH
On-chain data shows the Bitcoin inflows going towards “accumulation wallets” have hit a new all-time high, a sign that could be...
7 hours ago
MATIC closes in on DOT: Time for a flip?
Another change in the market may be on the way as participants start to prefer MATIC over DOT.
7 hours ago
‘Avoid Ethereum (ETH) At All Costs’ Says Bitcoin Advocate – Here’s Why
Bitcoin supporter Fred Krueger has recently voiced concerns about Ethereum’s (ETH) fundamental trends and potential regulatory hurdles...
7 hours ago
Billionaires Exit Long Positions: Should You Sell Crypto?
Billionaires selling off tech stocks, such as Zuckerberg's Meta shares and Buffett's Apple stake, prompt speculation on cryptocurrency's fut...
8 hours ago
Shiba Inu Team Embraces Ethereum ERC-404 Standard For New NFT Collection
The Shiba Inu (SHIB) team has decided to test the waters with the launch of its latest NFT (non-fungible token) collection. This NFT collect...
8 hours ago
Crypto Whale Buys $185.5 Million in Ethereum (ETH): Price Impact
A crypto whale's recent purchase of Ethereum worth millions underscores a significant investment trend and prompts discussions on Ethereum's...
9 hours ago
Is Cardano a ‘wannabe Ethereum?’ What Hayes, Hoskinson have to say
Former BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes stirred controversy by labelling Cardano as “wannabe Ethereum" and questioning its relevance.
9 hours ago
Former FTX And Alameda Executives Launch New Crypto Exchange In The US
The collapse of FTX filled the crypto community with uncertainty and contributed to shaping the market in the following years. Since then, t...
9 hours ago
This Is What to Expect 60 Days Before the Bitcoin Halving
Historical patterns reveal Bitcoin's pre-halving price corrections precede significant rallies, with the next bull market potentially starti...
10 hours ago
Bitcoin ETFs hit new record: Will BTC benefit from the surge?
The milestone is proof that a lot of "outsiders" want exposure to Bitcoin.
10 hours ago
SEC Leader Resigns, Stating ‘Crypto Is Here To Stay’ Following Bitcoin ETF Appro...
Ladan Stewart, a prominent figure in the US Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) crypto division, has left her position to join...
10 hours ago
These 2 Meme Coins Defy Market Correction – Will They Lead the Next Cycle?
The FLOKI and PEPE prices show bullish signs due to breakouts from diagonal resistances. The post These 2 Meme Coins Defy Market Correction...
11 hours ago
Why Ethereum’s rise to $3K was short-lived
Recent movements by a dormant Ethereum ICO participant seems to have rattled investors.